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Fences and Gates

Site Systems can design and install a variety of fence and gate types depending on your needs:

    Split Rail Fence: These informal fences suggest a country or rural feel and are an unobtrusive way to delineate property lines, borders, and other natural edges. Rails are tapered and may vary slightly in cut and color. Two-rail or three-rail configurations are available depending on the height. Materials are typically mixed between poplar and spruce.
    Diamond Rail Fence: Similar to split rail fences, but distinguished by the uniform "diamond" cut shape of the rails as well as the doweled ends. Both the posts and the rails are made of cedar. This style of fence is semi-formal and can be used along the front of the property or other more visible places. Two-rail or three-rail congigurations available depending on the height.
    Picket Fence: This classic New England fence gives your property a rustic feel. Available in a number of styles in either wood or vinyl.
    Privacy Fence: Whether to accent a screen planting or as a stand alone, a privacy fence gives you a sense of enclosure. Available in a number of styles in either wood or vinyl.
    Aluminium Fence Often used for pool-code fencing, this material is durable and long lasting in the landscape.
    Deer Fence Between damage to your garden and issues with ticks, deer don't belong in your landscape. A seven foot tall polypropylene deer fence is the best way to prevent them from even being there in the first place.
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