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Merrell Avenue

Greenfield is the third phase of the Vidal Court revitalization, a comprehensive, multi-phase replacement of an obsolete and deteriorated 216-unit rental apartment complex developed in 1955 under the State Moderate Rental Program. Of Greenfield’s 45 mixed-income housing units, 27 will be rented to low- or moderate-income households and be designated as replacement housing for Vidal Court. The remaining 18 units will be designated for market-rate households.

The new development will include 10 one-, two- and three-story buildings on an approximately three-acre creatively landscaped and well-lighted site, with off-street parking. Greenfield will feature a wide range of customized amenities, multi-bedroom modern apartments, “green” construction, energy-efficient appliances and heating/cooling, and human services support provided by an on-site resident services coordinator from Family Centers.

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